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Most of the time, I’m the one behind the screen or the microphone, unpacking other people’s stories.

But sometimes I switch roles and get invited to join friends in their playgrounds to talk about cybersecurity, content and product marketing, and lots more.

It is a privilege I treasure, which is why I wanted to save these in a place away from the reach of hungry algorithms.

I hope they’ll make good companions for your journey!

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About Andra Zaharia

I help cybersecurity companies crush clichés with content that breeds loyal customers and fuels growth.

I bring over a decade of digital marketing expertise, half of which I spent in the cybersecurity industry, acting as a bridge between technical pros and decision-makers.

I build content systems that drive organic growth while developing teams, processes, and the strategies to guide them.

When I’m not fighting infosec marketing clichés, I shine a light on how humans shape online security and privacy in the Cyber Empathy podcast.

Andra Zaharia