How do you know? Podcast

Improve your decision-making process through tactics and resources that help you gain more clarity and focus, no matter the scale.

For almost 4 years, I documented how great decision-makers built and improved their process, so you can strengthen your own.

These ever-green conversations reveal how ethical hackers, business builders, coaches, marketers, and other high performers cultivate their abilities to navigate life’s challenges.

How do you know? podcast

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Andra Zaharia

I started recording these episodes driven by the life-changing lessons I learned during Seth Godin’s altMBA.

Decision-making is one of the key topics I wanted to explore more in-depth, so I set about contacting the people I’ve been learning from for years.

Their stories, examples and practical advice go beyond conventional wisdom and challenge us to understand what it takes to make significantly better choices.

These are people who excel at their craft, whose words might trigger an a-ha! moment just when you need it.

To those who generously share how they built and improved their decision-making process over the years: thank you! No matter the medium you chose, you help us all get better at making the most of our lives.

Andra Zaharia

What my listeners say

Sharanya Manola

“Andra’s HDYK podcast is one of a kind. Of course the guest line-up is ace, but the real delight lies in the questions she asks. It shows her interest in getting to the bottom of decision-making psychology, which is a field of study I dig with my whole heart. I guarantee that the one hour you spend eavesdropping on her chatting with the guests will be your best investment of time. You’ll have several takeaways that you’ll likely apply to your personal and professional life.”

Sharanya Manola
Freelance writer, e-commerce & SaaS, Interested in all things psychology in marketing

Alexandru Năstase

“Pure knowledge! This podcast is jammed packed with deep knowledge from all corners, explored through thoughtful conversation, intelligently and purposely asked questions. As a bonus one can learn how to elevate their conversations from this podcast too! I would say that I highly recommend this but is not enough, I urge you to listen to each episode, 2-3 times.”

Alexandru Năstase
Multidisciplinary visual designer

Ioana Ghimpețeanu

“Andra is very kind with her guests and asking probing, thoughtful questions that prompt me to reflect on my own answer to them. You can always hear the guests smiling at the end, a clear sign that they genuinely enjoyed the conversation. I have learned a great deal by listening to each episode and expanded my perspective through the wisdom of Andra’s guests.”

Ioana Ghimpețeanu
Communication and Public Relations student