Let’s team up long-term to make a statement

Whether you’re developing a strategy, building out processes, or trying to execute your plan, I’ll plug into your team to help you move things forward in the right way.

I can work with you on:

  • Content strategy with ongoing support to develop key assets and resources
  • Customer development interviews and audits, to inform strategy and positioning
  • Frameworks, processes, systems, and training, to keep the whole machine running well

We’ll hit the ground running

I’m bringing years of experience along with tried-and-tested processes. You won’t need to manage me — I’m here to relieve the pressure from you.

“We worked with Andra for over a year and did a lot. We reorganized the website structure and copy, created a course to generate leads, and repurposed content to drive engagement on social media. Andra helped with strategy, writing, editing, publishing, and outreach. And by helped, I mean she did it for us.”

George Diță

“We’ve been collaborating closely with Andra for 3 years. She always helps out when we need her, offers constant feedback, and manages to adjust her approach to fit changing priorities. Andra is a team player.”

Florina Dumitrache

“We started working with Andra when our product wasn’t as defined as it is today. She was able to turn all the unknowns surrounding our startup into a clear content marketing strategy. We’ve been executing it throughout the year and it’s starting to produce results today.”

Ciprian Borodescu

“Andra provided a full set of assets from scratch, including whitepapers, infographics, blog posts, and nurturing emails. She is one of the best security writers I’ve come across and her marketing experience proved an excellent advantage.”

Andra Cazacu

I work deeply, not broadly.

I work closely with clients for at least 6 months to see a project through from start to finish. That means my availability is very limited, but it does guarantee you my full attention.

When there’s a need, I can call on my network of trusted freelancers to fill any gaps in skill or expertize.


Get in touch now to arrange a consultation.