Cyber Empathy Podcast

Explore stories of kindness, curiosity and connection that show how humans shape online security and privacy:

Now is the time to talk about empathy in cybersecurity because we need the rich, diverse, and kind perspective it offers.

When we understand how and why people connect through technology, we elevate our ability to make wiser decisions that benefit everyone.

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Andra Zaharia

I’m a cyber-realist with a over a decade of experience in communication. Since 2015, cybersecurity became my home.

I jumped at the opportunity to do work that I deeply care about and learn from smart, kind, and generous people.

Growing in cybersecurity made my life richer and opened my mind and heart. Now I strive to help others see these possibilities and act on them through meaningful content.

Andra Zaharia
dave smyth

Dave Smyth

I’m a designer and developer with a strong interest in privacy and ethics. I work at Scruples, a collaborative ethical design studio that helps clients make better decisions.

Beyond my work, I also spread awareness of privacy and surveillance capitalism issues through my writing and side projects:

  • No To Spy Pixels – a campaign to help people become aware of email tracking pixels and encourage them to take action.
  • Below Radar – a community for freelancers and small business owners who want to reduce their reliance on Facebook, Google and techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism.