Cyber Empathy Podcast

There’s deep compassion, kindness, and empathy in cybersecurity but you rarely hear about it.

With I aim to change that by giving listeners a chance to meet the people dedicating their lives to keeping them safe – across all technology layers and beyond them.

Discover how empathy champions ensure people’s rights are protected as they interact with technology. Explore how their actions keep tech accessible, decentralized, and human.

Thank you for joining us!

Cyber Empathy won Best new cybersecurity podcast and Most educational blog at the 2023 European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards and was shortlisted in the Cybersecurity wellbeing advocate and Diversity champion categories at the 2023 Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards.

It’s also a recommended resource in the SANS LDR521 Security Culture for Leaders course.

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Andra Zaharia

I’m a cyber-realist with 15 years of of experience in communication. Since 2015, cybersecurity has been my home.

When I came into this space, I jumped at the opportunity to do work that matters with people who care. Learning from the smart, kind, and generous people in infosec was a powerful catalyst in my life and a great source of genuine human connection. This is an opportunity I want to give to everyone who needs it.

Using my background in developing empathy-driven content that helps people, teams, and companies grow sustainably, I founded Cyber Empathy in 2021 as a personal, independent project.

Andra Zaharia