Years into reading Javvad’s newsletter, I had the pleasure of being invited on the cybersecurity podcast he hosts along with Erich Kron, called The Jerich Show.

As you can see from the recording below, I was over the moon to get the opportunity to talk to these fine gentlemen whose experience, wisdom, and generosity precede them. I relished the chance to dive into marketing mishaps, cybersecurity cliches, and helpful ideas that carry over to multiple areas of our lives.

Listen to or watch this episode to learn:

  • Why lacking a personal connection with the industry you work in makes you a less credible marketer or comms specialist
  • Why technical specialists hate marketers and which cliches keep fuelling this divide
  • Examples of startup thinking that help you challenge best practices and find what really works for your company and your customers.

A few ideas I firmly believe in:

  • The cybersecurity industry gives you the opportunity to do meaningful work and collaborate with wonderful people
  • Marketers are missing out on building a rewarding career in cybersecurity because they’re not testing the hypothesis that this industry could be for them
  • Good communication skills are essential to business-building internally as much as they are important to promote the business externally.

About The Jerich Show:

Timely topics, poorly presented, this time via a podcast.

In this podcast the cyber security professionals Javvad Malik and Erich Kron discuss timely tech topics in a casual and easy to understand format.