I’m Andra Zaharia, a cybersecurity content marketer with a growth mindset.

Come for the high-end content, stay for project management, strategic thinking, and extraordinary execution.

I’ve been a communication specialist for more than 10 years and have specialized in cybersecurity since 2015. I work with infosec companies to create content that people enjoy, share, and revisit.

My marketing is ethical, product-driven, and bullshit-free. I work hard and I value generosity, honesty, and collaboration.

I’m a cyber-realist. We’re living in an information society and it’s on us to make smart decisions about how we allow it to evolve. There is huge potential in technology but we need to be proactive.

My focus is on meaningful content that helps people to elevate their thinking and doing. In my work with clients, that means promoting cybersecurity literacy to make products accessible to a wider audience.

About Andra Zaharia

Why people love working with me

Tim Ash

“Andra is incredibly smart. She has a curious mind that is thirsty for knowledge and has a generous sharing orientation. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and spirit which shines through everything that she does.”

Tim Ash
Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

George Diță

“We’d known Andra’s work for years and we talked to her previous managers and customers — she was highly recommended by everyone.”

George Diță

Mădălina Pandrea

“What sets Andra apart, besides her fantastic writing, is the consideration she puts into every project. Andra truly cares about the causes she gets involved in. The infosec community is lucky to have her.”

Mădălina Pandrea
Freelance Content Marketer

Join me on a never-ending journey of evolution

I’m building and strengthening a growth mindset because I believe that’s the key to doing great work and living a full, satisfying life. I’m documenting what I learn along the way.

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