Forces occur in pairs and one object cannot exert a force on another without experiencing a force upon itself. That is the action and reaction dilemma.

The way Perry Carpenter approaches the topic of technology as a double-edged sword in this episode of the 8th Layer Insights podcast is masterful. Using the law of unintended consequences as a premise, he collects and combines perspectives that give you a rich understanding of the complex dynamic that fuels and ends up shaping the internet itself.

It was an honor to contribute to this episode and to see how Perry works to create this immensely valuable resource for the cybersecurity and tech communities!

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How cybersecurity makes the power of unintended consequences even more difficult
  • Why we struggle with the new opportunities that technology unlocks and why
  • Why there is no significant change in people’s behavior after major data breaches and how we can change that

A few ideas that stuck with me:

  • We’re in a situation where the technology that we’re creating is evolving faster than we can adapt. – Perry Carpenter
  • One of the most significant missing elements in the innovation equation has been empathy. – Lydia Kostopoulos
  • Big things or things that move very fast will have a great impact, which can lead to good results or cause chaos and destruction. – Perry Carpenter

About Perry Carpenter:

Perry currently serves as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world’s most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform. He’s an award-winning author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast. Previously, Perry led security awareness, security culture management, and anti-phishing behavior management research at Gartner, in addition to covering areas of IAM strategy, CISO Program Management mentoring, and Technology Service Provider success strategies.

About the 8th Layer Insights podcast:

This podcast is a multidisciplinary exploration into how the complexities of human nature affect security and risk. Author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast Perry Carpenter taps experts for their insights and illumination.