Sharing from experience is one of the most valuable ways to learn and incorporate what you learn into your thinking and behavior. Fellow freelancers and solopreneurs remind me of that constantly by generously sharing their best and worst moments along with what they take from each of these moments.

Since business advice and personal development perspective are abundant, I wanted to contribute to filling a gap in most freelancers’ business: cybersecurity and privacy.

To make things simple, I created a guide to help protect your freelance business in a way that benefits both you and your customers.

Pssst! If you happen to be Romanian reader, there’s a podcast episode I did for Viata de Freelancer and a dedicated protection checklist that goes with it.

Read this guide to learn:

  • What cybercriminals and scammers want from you
  • How attackers use publicly available data to defraud you
  • Which steps you need to take to create a setup that ensures data privacy that’s easy to maintain in the long run and lots more.

A few ideas I firmly believe in:

  • Your clients expect data security and privacy by default and you need to live up to that
  • It’s not difficult to get in control of your online security and privacy if you have a strong checklist and make minimal investments in good tools
  • Cybersecurity gives you concepts, tools, and habits whose benefits extend beyond your business and help you be more cautious and safer in all aspects of your life – if you want to apply them.

About Peak Freelance:

Created by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan, Peak Freelance is a paid membership community for freelance writers.

It started in October 2020 as a way for freelance writers to reach “peak” career mode: no ebbs and flows of income, a steady stream of work, and actually making this freelance thing work.