Content marketing with cybersecurity expertise

Forget generic content marketers who sprinkle buzzwords into a piece without understanding what any of it means. There’s zero value in that — for you and your customers.

I help infosec companies crush clichés with content that breeds fans and fuels growth.

Hire me to avoid:

  • Unconvincing content that delays growth
  • Content that isn’t tied to business strategy or goals
  • A haphazard process that’s hard to teach and scale
Andra Zaharia

Senior Content Marketer,
Andra Zaharia

Past and present partners
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Why people love working with me

Adrian Furtună

“Andra is a goldmine for any cybersecurity company with her unique combination of strong marketing skills and cyber security knowledge which makes the content she creates truly meaningful and valuable for customers. Along with her strong team leadership abilities and business vision, this makes Andra one of the best assets your team may have.”

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Andra Cazacu

“Andra has an extensive background in security and a strong portfolio. Her contribution extended well beyond the original brief.”

Andra Cazacu, Global Leader, Analyst Relations

Andrei Avădănei

“Andra translates cybersecurity jargon and nuance in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner. What’s more, her proactiveness and the way she delivers and sticks to deadlines makes her a reliable partner.”

Andrei Avădănei, CEO

Bit Sentinel

Extraordinary execution, consistently.

You can count on me to FIGHT FOR QUALITY.

Let’s team up to a build content system that drives organic growth.

Fight for quality
Walking the talk

Walking the talk

I live and breathe content and I don’t have time for bullshit.
I’m not interested in second- or third-hand learning from someone who isn’t in the arena, shipping work themselves.

I’m documenting my journey as I develop a growth mindset. Join me.