The follow-through

We’ve all been there: wanting to do something, but never getting started because of reasons we keep finding (or making up).

It’s been a few years since I first started thinking about this blog and what I’d write on it, but I never got around to doing it at a constant pace. Until I …

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Here’s my choice for 2015: tolerance

In the past year, besides all the wonderful things that technology has made possible, largely due to the Internet, what struck me the most was something less than positive. It was the hostility and aggressiveness that are widespread in the digital sphere, reaching the farthest corners of the Internet. We know what these malicious comments …

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Why I love The Newsroom

During my years spent at the university, we were taught to understand journalists on a certain level. A kind of wall was also built between us, the PR people, and them, the journalists. In classic PR, journalists are a public as any other and there’s an entire history of (open or not so open) conflict …

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Romania rising!

There’s a very personal story I’d like to share with you today. It’s a story about choices, about the great life decisions that transform us and shape our lives.

A year ago I was looking for a way to move out of Romania for good. I felt overwhelmed, dissatisfied with the Romanian society and …

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Lucidity requires exercise

Observing people and their behavior has become a habit I can’t shake off and it has gotten even sharper after going through college, when all our critic thinking was directed towards interpersonal relationships. From years of people watching and peeking into the wonts of different categories of individuals, it occurred to me that lucidity is …

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