42 lessons I learned in 31 years

Seven important things happened this year so far:
I changed jobs.
I started a newsletter.
I started a podcast.
I saw Seth Godin speak live.
I built new, meaningful friendships.
I quit my (new) job.
I started freelancing.*

*Actually, not yet, but I will in 2 weeks and a half.

Give yourself time and space (with Roy Marriott)

Decisions – they’re so pervasive in our lives, yet so difficult to make when you’re pushed and pulled in different directions. I’ve been through this countless times and maybe you have too.

That’s why this podcast episode is different: I’m changing roles, from asking questions to answering them, as Roy coaches me through an important decision I have to make.…

Why self-care is essential for wise decisions (with Nichole Elizabeth Demere)

You may not associate self-care with the hard-headed, purely rational context we often think of when talking about making decisions but that doesn’t make it any less important.

how do you know podcast featured nichole elizabeth demere
Get the resources mentioned in the show.

In fact, self-care is one of the things I’ve been focusing a lot more in the past 2 years and, lucky for me, I got to learn and a lot by following and talking to Nichole Elizabeth Demere about it!…