I met Amélie through STFO, an experience we both went through. Even if we were in different cohorts, we instantly clicked and continued to get to know and support each other every chance we got.

Amélie shows incredible kindness and a healthy curiosity for things beyond her direct area of interest, constantly pulling in useful concepts that help companies create better experiences for their customers.

So I was delighted to have a conversation about the things we care deeply about – and a bit more – for her podcast, People&Digital. Having the opportunity to talk about the issues I’m trying to contribute to solve always renews my commitment, so I’m thankful to Amélie for providing the space and the thoughtful questions for this to happen.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why empathy is a trending topic – in cybersecurity and beyond
  • How empathy bridges the gap between cybersecurity experts and everyone else
  • Why companies need to have employees’ backs when it comes to cybersecurity crime.

A few ideas I firmly believe in:

  • One of the first things I saw in the cybersecurity community was that the people are extremely empathetic – and this remains true to this day
  • Trying to force people into your view of the world, no matter how data-driven your effort, is unlikely to create any type of meaningful change
  • When everything pushes us to move away from harm or seek instant gratification, having a space where we can just sit with things and make a better decision is something that’s very rare, and empathy offers that.

About Amélie Beerens:

Amélie helps managers build excellent customer experiences and get unstuck in their careers.

She believes in the power of action and she is convinced the key to success is a calm, efficient and cooperative atmosphere in which individuality, knowledge sharing and agility bring innovation.

About People&Digital:

Amélie publishes a new episode each week – focusing on mindset, people and methods – that will help you take action, improve your understanding of the people around you, challenge your ideas and make you a better digital professional.

From CX pioneers to marketing specialists, coaches, digital experts and more, Amélie distills great takeaways that support your thinking and doing.