The more I studied cybersecurity and its core concepts, the more I realized that, fundamentally, it is all about human nature.

So when I see most marketing focused on aggressive advertising, fleeting trends, and superficial tactics, I see lots of opportunities to fight for quality, deliver on the promise, and stick to less flashy, but more meaningful actions.

This is why I loved the opportunity to discuss this topic and many others related to it on The Brave Marketer podcast, along with Donny Dvorin.

It’s been – and still is – fascinating and extremely education to follow how Brave is creating a privacy-focused ecosystem. They are consistent and persistent in their mission and I can already see the compound effect of their work, along with those they’ve rallied along the way.

Join Donny and I for a deep-dive into how I ended up working in cybersecurity and what I’ve learned ever since I feel in love with it.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • What motivates people to change
  • My brave moment and what helped me get there
  • Opportunities for marketers who see and fight against the systemic issues that make so many people hate marketing

A few ideas I firmly believe in:

  • People need someone they can trust, so they can turn to them when cybersecurity and privacy challenges leave them feeling inadequate and less competent
  • As communication specialists, it is our responsibility to ensure we don’t put out meaningless messages that create additional confusion instead of helping people solve their problems
  • Marketers in cybersecurity and privacy have a great opportunity to contribute towards a meaningful purpose that actually helps people

About Donny Dvorin:

Donny Dvorin is VP, Head of Sales at Brave Software, a company whose main product – the Brave browser – I’ve been using for years, since it was as niche in the tech ecosystem as privacy was a few years ago.

Donny leads the Global Sales Team for Brave’s privacy-respecting advertising products (Sponsored Images, Push Notifications, Brave News) and is also the host of the Brave Marketer Podcast.

About the The Brave Marketer podcast:

Modern marketing changes fast, and great marketers need an edge. They need to be Brave.

If you’re an agency, brand marketer, or entrepreneur challenged by marketing crypto, ethical advertising, privacy, brand safety, and a future without 3rd party cookies, The Brave Marketer podcast is for you!

Each week, guests from top brands and agencies share the strategies and tactics behind their brave marketing moments, and discuss how they’re shaping today’s most influential brands.

The Brave Marketer podcast is hosted by Donny Dvorin, VP, Head of Sales at Brave Software – the makers of the privacy-respecting browser with a built-in ads platform that rewards users for their attention with the Basic Attention Token.

Brave is at the forefront of a new online privacy frontier and has unique insights into the future of marketing and advertising in a cookieless world.