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My name is Andra and I’m a content marketer working in cybersecurity, based in Bucharest, Romania.

I live by one simple rule that guides me in everything I do: practice what you preach.

All the content you can read or listen to on this blog is a result of following this mission.

Should you want to drop me a line, you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Thoughts from my readers

Nicoleta Niculescu

“Andra’s content is like a breath of fresh air. She shares valuable and actionable information with every new article and gives you just the right nudge you needed to stop postponing and start doing.”

Nicoleta Niculescu, Freelance Content Marketer

Mădălina Pandrea

“As a new digital company of one, I’ve found Andra’s decision-making insights SO useful over the past few years. I just love the way she deals with topics with such empathy and expertise. It makes me look forward to every article.

There’s just something about the way she writes that reminds me that every one of us has the potential for greatness. We just have to look for it, one decision at a time.

Andra’s articles prove that there’s always so much more to learn about content marketing. Thank you for sharing lessons from your years-long experience in the industry with us!”

Mădălina Pandrea, Content Marketing Freelancer for tech companies

Patricia Borlovan

“Andra’s content shaped my decision-making in both my professional and personal life, always giving me fresh perspectives. I learned how to embrace the way my brain acts and how can I take actions to improve my decisions as a digital marketer and business owner.”

Patricia Borlovan, Co-founder, Peppermint Agency