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Before the newsletter, there was the podcast.

The fuel was wanting to sharpen the mind. Make it better at decision-making. Teaching it to spot its own biases and consciously (try to) overcome them.

This is the podcast: a collection of interviews with great decision-makers who share the thought-process behind some of the toughest choices they’ve made.

These are people who excel at their own craft and whose experiences and stories might trigger an a-ha! moment just when you need it.

I’ll publish a new episode every 3 weeks.

To those who generously share how they built and improved their decision-making process over the years: thank you! No matter the medium you chose, you help us all get better at making the most of our lives.

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Episode #1 with Eric Moeller

Episode #2 with Benji Hyam

Episode #3 with Sam Mallikarjunan

Episode #4 with Louis Grenier

Episode #5 with Nichole Elizabeth Demere

Episode #6 with Kevan Lee

Episode 7 with Adelina Chalmers

Episode 8 with Peter Shepherd

Episode 9 with Roy Marriott

Episode 10 with Charles Chu