Before the (initially weekly, now infrequent) newsletter came the podcast.


I started recording these episodes driven by the life-changing lessons I learned during Seth Godin’s altMBA.

Decision-making is one of the key topics I wanted to explore more in-depth, so I set about contacting the people I’ve been learning from for years.

I wanted to know how they sharpened their mind and what their process looks like. Lucky for me that they opened up so generously!

Their stories, examples and practical advice go beyond conventional wisdom and challenge us to understand what it takes to make significantly better choices.

These are people who excel at their craft, whose words might trigger an a-ha! moment just when you need it.

Every 3 weeks, I publish a new podcast episode with more honest tales of perseverance, resilience, and wisdom.


To those who generously share how they built and improved their decision-making process over the years: thank you! No matter the medium you chose, you help us all get better at making the most of our lives.

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