There are many things I didn’t know about myself until I started working with a coach. Things like my unreasonable expectations towards myself as to how I handle difficult situations (such as a parent being ill) or my tendency to take on excessive responsibility for things that don’t fall within my circle of control.

One of the best parts of coaching is that you get to see your habits, behaviors, and mental patterns in a mirror. This dynamic is deeply clarifying. For example, it made me see that some bad things weren’t as dramatic as I thought. It also enabled me to better internalize the good things in my life.

Doing this over and over (along with other practical exercises such as self-reflection), I became more clear-headed. My choices improved, I became more confident in my decision-making process, and I generally found it increasingly easier to navigate uncertainty and complexity.

Today’s episode is focused on this crucial topic: our process for making decisions and how we can pick and choose ideas, experiences, and people to help us improve it so that we elevate multiple aspects of our lives.

Before you press play, start with this idea my guest, Erno Hannink, shared: don’t evaluate the result of your decisions but focus on the thought process behind it. You’ll soon understand why that makes a huge difference.

About Erno Hannink:

Erno is the kind of person who exudes optimism and he proved it once again during our conversation. Even when confronted with tough times and difficult decisions, as we all are these days, he still focuses on mind and body health.

Using his knowledge of neuroscience, Erno cultivates the deeply positive effects of self-control to make the best decisions. And this ability comes from actions, not theory. Erno stands for an active life, getting enough quality sleep, choosing fresh vegetables, and other small and consistent choices that increase your quality of life.

The best part of this episode is that you get truly helpful pieces of advice from an experienced professional.

Leveraging his business experience, Erno became a coach to help entrepreneurs make their best decisions. Whether through his sessions or on the football field, where he serves as referee, Erno knows and practices the importance of having a coach and being one to others. Using coaching to get an objective perspective, Erno became aware of some bad habits that kept him from succeeding and found the right approach to replace them with new, better ones.

I know from experience that a coach guides you to a place of clarity and self-awareness, unlocking options that get you closer to your goals. However different your context may be, I can honestly say the same principles work for everyone. In this episode, you can explore that in your own time.

A good listener, a great advisor, and a very present human-being, Erno Hannink is the coach you need for a short-term mood boost and for the long-term changes you need to achieve your business and life goals!

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How being more present helps you make better decisions
  • How to feel better during stressful situations
  • The influence of good sleep and good nutrition for better decisions
  • Why imagining worst-case scenarios helps you get in control of your life
  • The reason we all need a coach to correct our bad habits
  • How keeping a “decision book” can guide you to make good choices

A few ideas that stuck with me:

  • The only thing you can control is your reaction to external events.
  • Focusing more on our hobbies and less on external issues helps strengthen our mind-body connection.
  • No matter what time of day you work out, it helps you get better sleep. With a rested mind, you get more clarity to make better decisions.
  • A coach observes your unconscious and damaging habits and suggests a better route to achieve your most meaningful goals.
  • Don’t evaluate the result of decisions but focus on your decision-making process. Wondering how to do that? Create a decision book to keep track of your choices. Use it to analyze the best and the worst things that can happen so you can expand your options and perspective.

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