Louis Grenier is one of the main reasons this podcast exists. His work, his generosity, and his honesty made me take the leap.

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I’m also forever jealous because of him because he interviewed Seth Godin (who I’m still too scared to invite to the podcast).

In this 4th episode of the podcast, you can almost hear me gesture enthusiastically as I ask Louis questions that were not on the list. 😀 I also use the word “entail” twice in less than 20 seconds. You’re in for a treat!

When I “publish” on this post, Louis will probably not know about it. That’s because he forces himself to maintain a sharp focus (just like Sam from the previous episode).

There are no social media apps, no notifications, and no email apps on his phone. He also confessed to barely reading any books (except a few great ones). Louis doesn’t subscribe to any newsletters (I can confirm he’s not on the list for my own 🙁 ) and he doesn’t listen to other podcasts (so he’ll definitely not listen to this, which is why I’m counting on you).

I really believe you’ll enjoy the hour-long conversation I had with Louis mainly because we both gave it our all. We were in the moment, really listening to each other and digging deeper each time.

What makes Louis a great human, on the podcast and off, is that he is incredibly candid. He openly shares what it took to get himself from a state of constant impatience to a strategic mindset.

Because he’s very tough on himself, Louis discusses the time when he kept giving up on projects because they didn’t yield results fast enough. He also talks about the moments when the imposter syndrome rears its familiar, ugly head.

From feeling lost to finding direction, in episode 4 we take a fast-forward tour through Louis’ experience and what it took to get to interview people like David Heinemeier Hansson, Rand Fishkin or Seth Godin.

His podcast, Everyone Hates Marketers, is one of the best resources in the field and Louis told me exactly how this project came to be.

This podcast is how Louis actually tricked himself into sticking it out. Shipping that helped him get focused, but the whole story is much better coming from him directly.

Hit play and you’ll find out exactly why Louis is so adamant about saying NO and how that became essential for his strategic thinking.

Speaking of, in this conversation, you’ll discover how Louis used a clear strategy at Hotjar to define their core projects starting from the business problems his content team has to solve. Spoiler: one of the these core projects is The Humans Strike Back.

We keep going back to decision-making and strategy as a “source of truth” for various challenging situations – it gets very real!

People don’t know what they want but they’re really, really good at explaining what they’re suffering from right now.

If that’s you:
A. You’re not alone.
B. Listen to Louis talk about he powered through based on some life-changing choices.

His toolkit included these two core ideas:

Trust your values, trust your process.
Discover your own best practices.

But there’s SO much more where that came from!

Listen to Louis and me having a blast right now:

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