One of the things I love the most about working in cybersecurity is that it provides countless paths for growth.

To build the tech, the processes, and the educational programs that solve pressing issues that affect millions of people, cybersecurity pros have to dig deep. That’s why understanding human nature is the foundation on which they build everything else.

This has never been more obvious and necessary than it is now, when information security and privacy issues are directly tied to economic and society-wide changes which shape our future.

As a communication specialist working in cybersecurity, I am even more motivated to contribute the best I can with my abilities and experience and help build more empathy and meaning into how cybersecurity specialists show up for their customers and community.

I’m deeply invested in this mission, which is why I started the Cyber Empathy podcast.

How doing a podcast on decision-making paved the way for Cyber Empathy

As my second podcast, Cyber Empathy builds on everything I learned from doing the How do you know? podcast, a 4-years long project through which I explored areas of human psychology that fascinated me.

After having dozens of conversations with entrepreneurs, neuropsychologists, communication pros, creatives, and cybersecurity specialists, I learned immensely valuable lessons that enriched and expanded my understanding of human behavior.

Having these conversations in public, in the form of a podcast, was my way of helping others explore, reflect on, and improve their decision-making process.

My own research, readings, and learning on the topic went into every episode until I felt the need to bring everything I learned into cybersecurity.

Why empathy is becoming a key topic in cybersecurity (and why now)

Since I first started working in cybersecurity in 2015, I’ve been looking for the best people to learn from. This is still part of my daily practice and the main reason why the Cyber Empathy podcast exists.

The diverse, kind, generous, and crazy-smart people in cybersecurity are the reason why I love working in this industry. I also believe they are the only ones who can make this industry better and also help people outside of it develop the cyber-literacy they need to navigate the insanely complex world we live in (more on this in a dedicated podcast episode).

In my quest to elevate my ability to fight clichés and stereotypical approaches in cybersecurity communication, I found dozens and dozens of people who contribute their time and energy to explaining the nuanced truth behind oversimplified concepts, shady practices, and buzzwords -all of which do a big disservice to the people they are supposed to serve. What all these people have in common is the ability to practice empathy.

Because empathy is such an abstract concept, I saw an opportunity to bring it closer to those who want to see what it looks like in practice, in our day to day reality of interacting with tech, working in tech, and contributing to its development (in more ways than we imagine).

The damaging effects of big tech or the governments’ use of technology are blatantly obvious to almost everyone – even those who aren’t particularly interested in the topic. Cybersecurity plays a big role in exposing these critical issues because the incredible people I was telling you about have strong principles – and act on them.

Through our conversations for Cyber Empathy, I want to help you see how they use, cultivate, and inspire empathy through their work and contribution to the community.

Listening to their honest, unfiltered stories (unlike those you find on social media) is a chance to explore the wonderful, inspiring things that happen when we put curiosity and kindness at the core of our work, of a company, of an experience, or any human interaction.

In spite of the multiplying, repetitive issues that we deal with in cybersecurity, working in this industry prevents me from becoming cynical.

I am a cyber-realist (with a strong dose of optimism to boot) and I believe we can build and use technology that helps our world evolve in a direction that is healthier for humankind. And I believe cybersecurity plays a core role in this process.

Will you be my partner in cyber empathy? We have a lot to discover!

PS: This podcast is also an opportunity to work with some of my favorite people who practice empathy themselves in everything they do. So here’s a well-deserves shoutout to you, wonderful people:

  • Lucian Grofsorean, who gave this podcast a visual dimension after he designed my website and articulated
  • Ginni Saraswati, Laura Radescu, and the rest of the Ginni Media team, who produces this podcast so you get a smooth listening experience
  • Alexandru Ciuca from Superior Media, who built this website with his team and keeps it in top shape
  • Dave Smyth, who you’ll meet soon on the podcast and who joined me in the mission to highlight the role of empathy in online security and privacy.

This podcast wouldn’t exist without your skills, experience, friendship, and kindness!
Thank you all!