Marius takes us on a grand tour of his life, packed with adventure, seemingly insurmountable challenges, life-changing realisations, and what connects them all together.

Across continents, cultures, and professions, Marius Ciuchete kept going, kept learning, kept growing.

From taking a leap and working across the world to personal, seemingly insurmountable, challenges around his health, Marius unpacks – with generosity and grace – what helped him become a world-class expert in his field and someone who experiences life fully.

During our conversation, Marius took a trip down memory lane and stopped at the most important crossroads in his life:

  • Working on a cruise ship the size of a small town for a few years and learning how to manage expectations while interacting with the other 95 nations aboard
  • Experiencing plenty of cultures through work (UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Dubai, Romania) before settling in Canada
  • Going from adrenaline junkie to stopping a plane because of flying anxiety and overcoming it through therapy and becoming a private pilot
  • Changing his attitude and habits around food and health after his doctor told him his lifestyle brought him on the verge of cirrhosis, which she couldn’t help him recover from.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Methods to overcome fears, worries, and stress
  • How it benefits your career to have good relationships with collaborators, clients, and customers
  • Ways to control your mind and focus on the things you enjoy the most
  • The importance of being curious and adventurous – both in your career and in as you journey through life
  • Why you should ask experienced people questions about how things work in their career if you’re interested in pursuing a similar path.

Through his stories, Marius constantly talks about two fundamental aspects o his life: people and travelling as a means of getting to know other cultures.

I base my decisions on the experiences of interacting with other people.

Although I’ve discussed mentoring, the importance of community and having a support group, and the key role friends and significant others play, no one phrased it quite like Marius did.

Deciding based on our experience with other people involves a level of trust and self-trust that’s difficult to come by these days. And nothing is more spectacular and impactful as forging relationships with others while travelling.

The level of knowledge you get from travelling is beautiful!

Marius sees travelling as the ultimate and most intense way to grow as a human being. His belief in the power of relationships shows that Marius truly understands human nature as its keen observer and lifelong student.

As I see it, Marius applies his principles both in all aspects of his life, which makes him a well-rounded person with one of the most coherent and inspiring voices I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Start by listening.

To build towards a sense of freedom and accomplishment, Marius made the same two decisions consistently over the years: to push beyond comfort and to trust people.

This attitude towards life brought him friends, opportunities, and wisdom, which he made the most of. Listening to the entire conversation will show you just how he carved out this path.

I hope you’ll enjoy the energy and tremendously inspiring insights that Marius shares in this episode!

A few ideas that stuck with me:

  • A successful life is “all about receiving and giving back” through good deeds.
  • Working with the wrong people adds a lot of stress to your personal life and overflows to your loved ones.
  • You make the best decisions if you align with your inner-self and listen to what your mind says.
  • Being on your own means you’re in charge of your actions and environment. Thus, you decide what you work on and who you want to work with.

About Marius Ciuchete:

An authentic adventurer, moving from fear of flight to becoming a private pilot, Marius is the inspiration we all need when we are downcast. His secret is staying in touch with his inner-self.

Marius inspired me to ask myself: what would my journey look like without asking the right people for guidance? That’s why he gladly talks about how much help he received from a little 60-year-old lady and many other surprising people he met along the way.

Just like you and me, Marius has also experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed, very busy, and stressed, of not being able to focus on almost anything. Thankfully, he recovered and he shares how he did it so we may learn from his experience.

Marius encourages us to help each other grow. Thanks to his mindset, he is now more active than ever. As an interaction designer, he has one goal: for people to connect with his work. Marius strongly emphasizes the benefits of intercommunication, of talking and listening to what others tell you. But, most importantly, he stands for talking to our inner-selves and learning to choose the right people for our career and personal life.

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Book: Brand Sense: Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound by Martin Lindström, Philip Kotler

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