This is my first attempt. The first flawed, enthusiastic episode of a journey that I hope will help us all become better, more clearheaded decision-makers.

Eric Moeller, Director of Product Marketing and altMBA coach, generously agreed to be my first guest.

As he shares his stories of tough decision-making (and powers through my stuttering), Eric reveals the thought process behind some of his most difficult choices.

His clarity, kindness, and empathy shine through his stories, just like they did when he coached us during the altMBA, which exactly a year ago.

In this first episode, you’ll hear Eric speak about how making more gut decisions helped him and how he dealt with the decision to move to another country in more than one occasion.

You’ll also learn more about key concepts, such as sunk costs and framing, which have made a huge difference for me in the past year.

So why start a podcast?

It took me a couple of years to really grasp how valuable podcasts are. Over 90% of my knowledge came from reading (books, articles, etc.), so I had trouble taking in information while listening to it. Once I understood how much more revealing hearing someone’s voice is, I got hooked.

I actually owe my inspiration and the decision to start this podcast to Louis Grenier and his fantastic podcast “Everyone Hates Marketers” and to my dear friend, Cristina, and her wonderful project, The CEO Library, which also has a really useful and fun podcast with the same name.

Their drive, discipline, and insights are a rich resource of inspiration for me. Seeing how truly helpful their work is motivated me to focus on a key topic that I believe we could all use getting better at: decision-making.

I explored many aspects related to this topic during the altMBA, a program to which I’ll dedicate a post to soon. That was the trigger that made me ask myself:

How do you get better at decision-making?

By starting to build a discipline around making choices, I discovered their far-reaching impact.

Not letting a bad thing wreck the day
Responding with kindness to rudeness
Making the most of a bad situation
Being brave and going against personal fears
Learning to say “no” more often

These are all decisions that have helped me enjoy my life more and focus on the more meaningful aspects of it.

Scratching the surface got me excited to dive deeper, so this is how the podcast came to be. It combines my passion for taking interviews with my desire to create a truly helpful piece of content.

So here it is – the first episode:

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