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Whether we consume it or create it, well-written, captivating content leaves a lasting impression (and converts!). I'm here to help you save time and publish error-free content that performs. This is what my process includes.

The web overflows with content good and bad, useful and useless alike. In spite of the overwhelming volume, just a tiny portion of it is truly remarkable and rewarding to both its audience and its creators.

To build a truly relevant, helpful, and entertaining experience for your (potential) customers, you must match the quality of your content with a clear and captivating format.

I’ve learned this important lesson while writing content for the web for the past 10 years. I’ve built my editing skills through relentless practice and by studying how the best people in the industry do it.

These abilities improved my own writing and also helped me provide better feedback and guidance for the teams, freelancers, and agencies I worked with in the past.

By making content editing an important part of my content creation process I managed to bag some key wins:

I can do the same for you.

Content Editing Challenges I Can Help You Overcome

Expert editing improves your content no matter the type, format or channel you choose to distribute it. It can be especially helpful to externalize this step of your content marketing process if you or your team:

  • Don’t have the time to invest in it
  • Need to improve the overall quality of your content
  • Work with freelance content creators who need supervision
  • Don’t have a senior content creator to assign this task to
  • Lack the necessary training or experience
  • Need to increase the content volume you publish.

With so many things claiming your attention, it’s difficult to focus on content editing, important as it may be. I’ve been there and I know the struggle is real.

Having a reliable editor who can provide feedback and guidance like a fiend is a great asset. It gives you peace of mind, opens up your schedule and helps drive better results for your investment in content marketing.

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Overcome These 8 Challenges with a Content Marketing Strategy

You probably want to know more about my process and how I work, so here’s a bit more about it.

My goals for this editing process is to ensure any piece of content is clear, precise, easy to read and aligned with the audience’s expectations and needs.

This requires a combination of skills and knowledge that lie at the intersection of writing, marketing, psychology, industry expertise and everything in between.

You should know content editing is more subjective than other forms of editing (proofreading, copyediting) because it involves deep analysis and decision-making based on experience and expertise.  

I apply the same content editing principles irrespective of the type of content (blog articles, video or podcast scripts, interview questions, case studies, etc.) but pay keen attention to what can help your content break through the noise.  


How I decide what needs to be improved


To achieve this, I use a few fundamental questions. These are some of them:

Target: Does the content focus on serving a well-defined audience?

Focus: What is the problem you’re trying to solve for your audience?

Structure: How will this piece of content solve that problem?

Goal: Is the content built around a specific objective?

Engagement: Is the content stimulating, engaging or useful enough to achieve the objective?

Relevance & Appeal: Why should your audience care about this content?

Formatting: Is the content well organized and easy to read?

Fallacies: Are there contradictions, inconsistencies, factual errors or discrepancies?

Breadth & Depth: Does the content provide enough context and details for the audience to make an informed choice?

Language: Does the language fit the audience’s needs and expectations?

Content hooks: Would the audience lose interest at any point?

Shareability: Does the content provide an incentive to share it or link to it?


As you can imagine, the list doesn’t stop here but it gives you a pretty good idea of what the process entails.

I usually go through all these questions and more to evaluate content quality, style, and structure before handing you back the document with my recommendations and input.

My work saves you time, eliminates mistakes, keeps your content process organized which ensures you stick to your deadlines.

Along with putting a content strategy in place, content editing is a powerful way to achieve better results for your budget. Keep in mind that this works for new content you create as well as for reshaping and improving already published content that’s performing well.

I’m happy to go over more details via email or during a call.

Sneak Peek at My Content Editing Checklist

  • Content-audience fit
  • Content outline
  • Content structure
  • Theme and clarity
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure and variety
  • Clichés and other stylistic choices
  • Syntax (word choice)
  • Consistency of tone / voice
  • Verb tense
  • Paragraph and sentence length
  • Consistency
  • Use of citations and examples
  • Use of graphics  
  • External and internal linking
  • Content upgrades / lead magnets

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