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You’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of 10X content before. It's time you found out what only the most skilled writers creators know! This concept is so effective that it can drive much better results than regular blog posts. Here's how it can help you.

If experience serves me right, you could become a believer too by the end of this page (especially if you have limited resources).

I’ve packed key factors, examples and portfolio items from my own work so you can see the opportunities 10X content can unlock.

This type of content emerged because, like all things that work and help businesses grow, content marketing quickly became highly competitive. Companies from all industries jumped at the opportunity to grow their organic traffic, attract qualified leads, improve their SEO and fill in knowledge gaps that customers have about them.

With more, better content pouring onto the web came higher standards. As truly great marketers do, Rand Fishkin observed early on that good, unique content was no longer enough to stand out and achieve results. He also proposed a name for the best of it on the web: 10X content.

12 Practical Reasons to Invest in 10X Content

Powered by the right strategy, 10X content does a lot more than publishing a hundred average (or even good) blog posts can. A remarkable piece of content like this:

  1. Helps you stand out in a competitive field
  2. Satisfies users intent in a compelling manner
  3. Builds trust, loyalty and fosters brand advocacy
  4. Can improve your rankings for prized keywords
  5. Generates results long after it’s been published
  6. Earns you quality backlinks from reputed sources
  7. Boosts or strengthens your authority in the industry
  8. Increases time spent on page and decreases your bounce rate
  9. Provides a delightful experience across devices and platforms
  10. Makes a powerful argument for your expertise and product/service
  11. Improves your website or blog with fresh and unique content that Google loves
  12. Provides a rich source for content repurposing, supporting your social media strategy.

I’m not saying 10X content is the miracle you’ve been waiting for but I know for a fact it will change how you assess and create content from now on!

Even better, I’m going to show you how one piece of content that fits the criteria increased our blog traffic by 800%!

Want to explore growth opportunities through 10X content?

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10X Content Writing Examples

Increase in organic traffic in 1 day
Organic traffic & Backlinks

When the first global ransomware outbreak, WannaCry, hit in May 2017, this article ranked at no. 3 in Google.com for “ransomware”.

It crashed our server, generating an unexpected traffic spike of 800%, exclusively from search.

Even though it’s not been updated in a while, it still has over 460 backlinks.

what is ransomware portfolio

Social shares for an 18k-word expert roundup
Social shares & Positioning

At 18700 words, this is the longest blog article I ever published.

I gathered insightful contributions from information security experts into an evergreen blog post that continues to attract traffic.

It was shared over 3000 times on social media and keeps providing opportunities for content repurposing.

internet security a losing battle

What Makes Content 10X

Whether it’s an article, a podcast, a video, an email drip course or anything else, this type of content will always surprise, educate or delight you. Check out this list of 110+ examples to see for yourself!

It takes strategic planning and commitment to invest the necessary resources to bring 10X content to life and reap the benefits.

I know this because I’ve worked on such pieces, getting involved in every step of the way. From structure to content writing and copyediting to working with my colleagues in design and web development, we pored over every detail to deliver the most helpful and rewarding experience for our audience.



Here’s what makes 10X content stand out:


Memorable through depth, insight, details or a combination of all three.


Boasts a gripping combination of content (text, audio, video), visuals and interactive elements.


A captivating and truly user-friendly experience across devices.


Creates a powerful, positive emotional response, often triggering an a-ha! moment.


Achieves astounding amplification, through social shares and/or links.

10X Better

It’s substantially more trustworthy, more useful or more interesting than anything else on the topic.


Solves the reader’s problem with accurate, high-quality information.


Gives content writers a new standard to look up and sets higher expectations for readers.

Make 10X Content Work for You

The reason I believe in 10X content lies in its ability to make a significant impact on your content and SEO objectives.

If you have limited resources, it may be wiser to invest them in a high-quality asset that can outperform shorter content. A hallmark of 10X, long-form content gets more of everything – clicks, backlinks, social shares – and it’s also more appealing to Google. Plus, it lends itself to content promotion and content repurposing for a long time.

This may be a much more effective alternative to spreading yourself thin, struggling to keep up with an intense publishing schedule just because you heard it’s best practice.   

The best way to see if 10X content is the right tactic to fuel your growth is to get in touch so we can talk about it.


What does the process look like?

In a project like this, you can count on me to:

  • Walk you through the entire content development process
  • Do a thorough competition and industry analysis
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews as part of the research process
  • Engage in gap analysis and topic creation
  • Fully handle the outline, structure and content production
  • Devise and implement the on-page SEO strategy
  • Work with in-house/freelance designers for UX, UI, and visual assets
  • Collaborate with web developers to ensure a high-quality delivery
  • Develop lead magnets and content upgrades
  • Coordinate the process from concept to delivery
  • Promote your 10X content to key opinion leaders who can amplify it.

Interested in working with me?

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