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I live and work at the crossroads between Tech Avenue and Communication Boulevard. You’ll often see me writing about how these two pillars of our world work together to help us build better, more rewarding lives.

A marketer’s guilt

As a marketer, I’ve often gone through two alternating phases:

I should make time to work on my personal brand more. I feel like I’m not doing enough to share what I learn from doing my work. If I’m really good at my work but no one knows it, am I really any good?

Pinterest versus Weheartit

I’ve been roaming around Pinterest for a while now and I’m very keen on discovering its potential, since it is really becoming the next big thing in the social environment we all live in. The team behind this start-up has really developed a product with deep insight into the media consumption habits of today’s internet users, which is why it’s catching on so fast.…