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andra zaharia 2018 Hi and thanks for reading!

My name is Andra and I’m a freelance content marketer based in Bucharest, Romania.

I live by one simple rule that guides me in everything I do: practice what you preach.

To me, the most fascinating things happen when technology and human nature intertwine, which is why I chose to build my professional path in marketing for tech products.

I’m a builder.
I build experiences, stories, and decisions with words.

I’m a writer.
I don’t write novels (yet), but I’ve published articles that are longer than some of the books I’ve read.

I’m a believer.
I wholeheartedly stand by my work and my mission to help everyone gain better understanding key aspects in life.

I’m in it for the people.
People can make it or break it. I want to work with those who create something from nothing and thus make life more meaningful one way or another.

In order to do my best work, I seek to work with the best.

Huge book geek and an even bigger cat lover.

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